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Meshaelle Pate-

Intuitive Harmony Warrior

Practical and Magical Coaching!

It’s time to fall in love with yourself!

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    You don’t have to take care of everyone else to have value.    

    Become your own best-friend

    Embrace change

    Stop overthinking

    Love your life

    Reconnect to Me

    It’s time!  You have taken care of everyone else and now you are ready to reconnect to   you!

    Learn how to:

    • end people-pleasing
    • embrace change
    • release the past
    • stop over-thinking
    • create positive self-care routines

    Eight 1-1 sessions


    One time Energy Healing

    In this session we will release energy around unprocessed emotions.  Just relax and allow the healing. 

    We do not discuss past trauma or why the emotions exist.  This is a remote energy healing session.

    Who is Coaching For?

    Its for YOU!  If you are reading this, then it’s for you.  You know there is a piece to the puzzle you haven’t figured out on your own.  You want someone to guide you to the right questions.  

    That’s my role!  I’m your guide to help you discover yourself.  I’m not here to tell you or make you do anything.  My role is to guide you and hold you accountable to yourself.  

    It’s time!

    I love my life but feel I have more to offer
    You love your family and have supported them well but wonder why isn’t that enough. The answer is you haven’t dug into what you want for yourself. Can you tell me what everyone in your family enjoys? Can you do the same for yourself?
    I self-sabotage my happiness

    We often do this when we are only listening to our thoughts.  Our thoughts are limited to what we have seen or been taught.  However, when you connect to your heart you realize how limitless you really are.

    I want to learn to trust my intuition

    Intuition is our inner KNOWING. We have it as moms and trust it for our kids. It’s time to have the same knowing for ourselves. As we work together, I will help you hear your inner voice and learn to trust it.

    About Me

    Mom’s put everyone else first often forgetting to support themselves. They lose themselves in their duties.

    Who are you once all your mom duties are gone?

    That is the person I want you to discover and love!

    Putting your children’s needs, wants, and wishes above your own never works. Your happiness is not selfish. For many years, I thought my role was to make those around me happy. Yet that is impossible and just sucks the happiness, energy, and your personal identity out of you.

    Living your life trying to make others happy, doesn’t work!

    You are in charge and it’s time for you to believe you are worth it.

    ♡ To feel happiness.
    ♡ To know your dreams.
    ♡ To love your life
    ♡ To know who you are
    ♡ To love YOU

    My own journey out of people-pleasing started when I looked in the mirror and no longer knew who I was. I knew who I was as a mom and wife yet didn’t know me.

    Many years of deep soul work have got me to a place that I am able to live my dream of helping women reconnect to themselves and KNOW they are worthy of all they want.



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