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Mom’s put everyone else first often forgetting to support themselves.
To lose themselves in their duties.
Who are you once all your mom duties are gone?
That is the person I want you to discover and love!

Dedicating yourself to making others in the house happy with the expectation that it will make you happy doesn’t work. A happy mom creates a happy home.

Putting your children’s needs, wants, and wishes above your own never works. Your happiness is not selfish. For many years, I thought my role was to make those around me happy. Yet that is impossible and just sucks the happiness, energy, and your personal identity out of you.

Living your life trying to make others happy, doesn’t work!

You deserve happiness no matter what is going on with your child or anyone else. Knowing who you are and what you like is your right. It’s not only your right, it is your responsibility. No one can MAKE you happy. You can’t make anyone else happy and it’s impossible for anyone to make you happy. Only you can!

It’s time to stop waiting:

for your children to need you less – they won’t
for your spouse to say the right thing to make you happy – he can’t
For life to be perfect so you can do for yourself – life will not be perfect till you embrace it.

You are in charge and it’s time for you to believe you are worth it.

♡ To feel happiness.
♡ To know your dreams.
♡ To love your life
♡ To know who you are
♡ To love YOU

Growing up, the roles were reversed for me. I took care of my mom. I was the emotionally stable one that did everything around the house.

So, when I decided to have children, I was determined to allow them to be children! The problem is, I also struggled to allow them to be young adults.

I never wanted them to feel pain. If I could take it on, I gladly stepped in and did so. I loved them so that’s what I was supposed to do right??


My own journey out of people pleasing (codependency) started when I looked in the mirror and no longer knew who I was. I knew who I was as a mom and wife yet didn’t know
What made me happy?
Did I even deserve happiness?
What would I do when the kids were out of the house?
What happened to all my ambitions?

Many years of deep soul work have got me to a place that I am able to live my dream of helping women reconnect to themselves and KNOW they are worthy of all they want.

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Some of what I bring to the table

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
Certified Holistic Life Coach
Certified Reiki practitioner
Nutritional Therapist
Bachelors of Science in Accounting
Bachelors of Informations Systems Management
Years of reading and learning
Mom of two young adults
A 30-year marriage to my high-school sweetheart

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