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Being a confident person does not mean you have it figured out all the time. There are still doubts that creep in. Having confidence and a connection to your intuition allow you to get through the doubts.

Many times, it seems to have confidence it’s required to never question. That is just not human, in my opinion!! As your confidence grows, your doubts will shrink. That is what I believe.

I am a Coach and at times still, have doubts. That’s why I have coaches in my life to point it all out and push me past my own doubts. Fortunately, those doubts no longer knock me off my path.

There was a time that a negative review or someone not being ready for my services, would send me to the drawing board. I was convinced I was no good! That I could never make a difference in other lives. I now know it’s all okay. I get to grow from the reviews and not everyone is ready for the deep work to build confidence.

I can tell you it’s hard at times!! You must dig deep into WHY you aren’t believing in yourself like you want. It’s much easier to just say, oh well and walk away. Yes, it is easier but without the work, you will never get you to your goals. Or the happiness that you truly want. But having a lasting happiness that can’t be shaken is worth the hard work!

Knowing your value, knowing your worth, knowing true happiness is always worth the hard work of digging a little deeper.

Can I share that I have a recurring fear that creeps in on me? My fear is based on a childhood of uncertainty. I find this is the one deep fear that keeps wanting to knock me off my path. It would be so easy to just go hide and say, “I tried.” Yet, I know, doing that would be the start of the implosion of my soul. My worth is so much more than the fear of rejection. I can give you a hundred, maybe a thousand examples of rejection in my life but none of those matters if I don’t reject who I am! That is Confidence.

Confidence is about saying you are worth it and going for it. And I promise you, each of you is worth it! Your goals, your dreams, your happiness matter! Not just to you but to everyone in that we are all connected through energy. Your happiness raises the world’s happiness!! Confidence is not the end of all doubts and questions. Instead, it’s a belief that when they arise, you will be strong enough to overcome them!

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